Reasons to Use React with Node JS for Web Development

If you love web development, you probably haven’t encountered ReactJS. While not a typical framework, it offers a variety of coding capabilities that have become popular in recent times. Many well-known and respected sites have decided to implement it. These include Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Skype. Read what ReactJS has to offer and find out why it has so many dedicated users.

React is a library to create a user interface that provides more flexibility than ‘concept’ JS frames such as Angular and Vue.js. React is a library for creating a user interface. The semi-end community has realized that…

Gone are the times of remaining in a long line just to store checks and cash outside any money-related establishments (banks). It has happened in view of the appearance of portable technology. Better believe it, you heard it right!

With the beginning of versatile applications, all the banking and budgetary foundations have experienced sensational change towards progressing and overhauling developments to live up to the client’s desires.

There is no doubt that the eventual fate of FinTech is splendid. Thinking in 2018, the speculations of this industry arrived at the figure of around $112 billion. With the ceaseless development of…

React Native and ionic are the most popular cross-platform solutions today to build a hybrid mobile app and also web apps. They use dynamic programming language including JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 that make them the best frameworks for Cross-platform app development.

Whenever it comes to comparing the platforms or frameworks that develop mobile apps, it becomes a very difficult choice, whether it is to choose between iOS and Android or between Ionic and React Native. Let’s discuss both the platforms and find out which cross-platform mobile app development framework is better:


Ionic is an open-source cross-platform for hybrid mobile…

Xamarin is an amazing technology for cross-platform mobile application development. Now, iOS developers can build and debug iOS applications in Windows machines, using Visual Studio. The new Xamarin Live Player allows creating, running, testing, and debugging iOS apps directly from a Windows PC that runs Visual Studio. Earlier, you needed a Mac to build and test your apps.

To get started with this new feature, you just need to install the Xamarin Live Player app on the iOS device and then pair it to your PC by scanning a QR code on your screen. Since it is fully baked into…

With the technology sector being so disruptive every year, everyone wants to be on top of things without understanding the impact or need for sustainability. You need to understand that you cannot just go with the herd and do what everyone else is doing because then you wouldn’t be creating job security. You have to be one of a kind where you are constantly learning and developing because that is important.

IoT has a lot of untapped potentials and it needs to be explored. Be it in the field of electronics, healthcare, biotechnology, or even the automobile, it sure has…

Microservices have appeared, and they are quickly getting gathering.

IDC predicts that 90%of applications will utilize microservices building by 2020, with immense quantities of the world’s greatest brands, including Amazon, Google, Netflix, and Uber, moving to a microservices configuration approach.

The remarkable genuine loads experienced by most associations will continue driving the choice of microservices configuration in programming improvement.

For what reason are such countless undertakings moving to microservices?

Here are the five essential reasons:

1. Future-fixing

An immense strong organized application isn’t astoundingly adaptable to changes, particularly sudden changes. Likewise, at this moment lightning-smart formative bounces in the two developments and business shapes, the ability…

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