Reasons to Use React with Node JS for Web Development

Reasons to Use React with Node JS for Web Development

If you love web development, you probably haven’t encountered ReactJS. While not a typical framework, it offers a variety of coding capabilities that have become popular in recent times. Many well-known and respected sites have decided to implement it. These include Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Skype. Read what ReactJS has to offer and find out why it has so many dedicated users.

React is a library to create a user interface that provides more flexibility than ‘concept’ JS frames such as Angular and Vue.js. React is a library for creating a user interface. The semi-end community has realized that one-dimensional design is the future of modern interface ports. It is a simple and luxurious solution that determines your potential.

If we look at NodeJS with React, it was at the peak of its popularity recently. According to the report, 85% of developers use NodeJS for web development services. Therefore, many web developers to create high-quality functional applications, Node.js environment with Node server NodeJS with React Native Development Company, which can offer different and attractive features because it is best to implement sensitive applications with Node server can choose. JavaScript code with Node.JS can work without problems when placed on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms. React.JS then provides a smooth and consistent learning API along with a simple interface design.

React is unique in completing the JavaScript programming language. You can complete the code directly with HTML elements. Therefore, the code can be simplified and significantly shortened. Therefore, most creators of advanced solutions appreciate ReactJS, which constantly needs to update and change data volumes. Let’s look at other reasons why you should consider using ReactJS for web development.

Ease of Use

You only need JavaScript knowledge to start your adventure with ReactJS. However, like any study, you need to constantly expand your knowledge and practice. One might realize that in the short term, it would be enough to control independent work. The Facebook team has already addressed issues such as packaging module configuration (Webpack), support for modern JavaScript syntax (Babel), code quality control (ESLint), testing environment, and much more.

Popularity and Community

React is incredibly popular, not just among American developers, but all over the world. According to Stackoverflow analysis, it was the second most popular framework in 2020. The mutual benefit of this process is the amazing community and ecosystem it creates. New tools appear every day. Most of them offer elegant solutions to the most common problems and can be found in articles on top technology blogs, among popular online course platforms, and many more.

React enhances the power of JavaScript by combining it with HTML. In other words, we can call it JSX. There are millions of third-party JavaScript libraries that facilitate the development of websites because they use JavaScript. Many of these libraries allow users to make many desktop choices when designing websites. Moreover, building addictions in React makes life much easier. Just type npm install <dependency name> and it will be assigned. No need to download a zip file!

Virtual DOM

When the page is loaded, the DOM — object model is created. Any change in the properties of the individual elements makes it necessary to load the entire HTML structure. But not with React.js.

Virtual DOM is a demo that stays loaded all the time. This means that when you update a web application, you can interact with it. And none of the components will suffer from it. VDOM also greatly speeds up web browsing, providing a better user experience.

Reusable Components

Blocks are the most recognizable feature of React that makes them stand out. The best part is that they can be completely reused. This means you only need to select one component and use it multiple times. It speeds up the growth process and greatly increases productivity. When building a website, you feel comfortable using the same elements in a different way.

What makes reusability a great solution is that components that are ready and can be used for disposal can be used at any time? Thus, the time saved for repetitive tasks is a resource for more difficult tasks. On the other hand, thanks to the independence of the components, the Internet is full of individual components and all the frames that are ready to use.

Update Friendly

Another facility is clear data flow practices. In React, the data always goes from the main component to the children’s files nested inside it. This happens through the prop object. Whether you’re using React-Native for mobile apps or using ReactJS for websites, you’ll appreciate the quick update feature. Quick refresh runs as soon as your React file is saved in the code editor, so you don’t have to click the refresh button every time you want to see changes to your website.

This is especially useful when working on your website details. Each time you make a small change to the code, you can see instant results in your browser. Also, errors reported by the Reactor Developer are descriptive and easy to understand, so you don’t have to scratch your head over an error that doesn’t make sense to you.

React Native as a Bonus

Once you have mastered ReactJS, it is time to take the next step. Using React Native, you can create an iOS or Android app. Although the code is written in JavaScript, your application uses the same original API as other mobile applications.

Sure, there are some slight differences between React and the natives, but the basic principles are preserved, which means we have all the strengths of JavaScript and ReactJS on our part. It seems that we are slowly approaching the expected point. With many programmers, learning technology, creating applications on all platforms.

When to use ReactJS?

ReactJS was initially only intended to be used on Facebook, but soon it was released. It was launched as open-source in 2013, and it was a hack.

Which solutions are based on this technology? Some examples are listed below:

· Social media (Facebook)

· Video platforms (Netflix)

· eLearning platforms (Udemy)

· SaaS solutions (Asana)

· Communicators (Skype)

In addition to being useful in development, reactivity can also occur well during small daily activities. For example, in this article, you will find opportunities to prepare for sending emails. You can also see the effects of reducing personal finances with the help of a bookkeeper template.


ReactJS is constantly evolving. Behind it is a huge community. The future of React JS looks very stable. Response JS is not difficult and does not require advanced knowledge. React brings many benefits such as body reuse, virtual DOM, one-way data flow, efficiency and stability, and more! Because of the benefits and popularity of libraries — it is important to try to control them.

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